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December 18, 2007

A nose to be proud of: $9.97

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OK, the “Before” and “After” is a little subtle. But you can’t beat the price.


Animatronic Elvis, Comeback Era

Press “Alive” and he comes to life. Press “Monologue” and he’ll tell you a story. Press “Song” and he’ll sing. Press “Sing Along” to sing a duet with him.

No mention of a button that makes it actually look like Elvis. But maybe animatronic hips are on the way. (From the Sharper Image catalog.)


Not a White Christmas

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This dates back to before Obama was elected, so it’s not a bandwagon thing.


December 12, 2007

Boston Terriers, pick-a-breed, and the Cubs

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There are probably still more weird surrealistic porcelain Christmas trees out there. But we’ll leave it at this. And this and this.


Pick-a-breed porcelain dog Christmas tree

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If you had your heart set on a porcelain Christmas tree decorated with dogs, but Boston Terriers just aren’t your thing, pick your breed. Or an entirely different kind of dog.


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